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  2. IamShazam

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  3. hello guys i have a problem cant push the start button
  4. Hola Shazam yo tambien quiero resetear el arbol , meti cualquier cosa al arbol y no tengo las skills
  5. ty kho mai kho em hang ko anh vui qua muon my
  6. Alguien para party?? :P
  7. There are alot of skills there that help you alot, THEY ARE NOT BUGGED, you have to choose them wisely. Because its depending on the set and skilltree you are stronger. Keep in mind that you only have 400 points.
  8. I see what you mean its anyways a waste of master skill points. If you can add stats by yourself with the resets. It does not give you anything than points in stats. I tought youwas talking about the "health increase" skill of ragefighter. Because those are pretty good incresing in the skill tree.
  9. But the other character have only 112 Stat ! Excep RF. 32 000 All stat
  10. Everything is okay. Its only the way you distribute your skilltree. You have to read before you use your skills there are skill tree where you get 100k life. Being full pvp you are arou d 500k. I tested it before and it is working fine. Best regards.
  11. Need to fix life for all class
  12. Hello, Well this is confusing yes. But you get the proper damge. Maybe I missed to add configurations to starter skills but in the end the damage will be balanced when you use your skill tree. And you will not experience that anymore. Tonight I will take a time go fix that missunderstanding. Best regards!
  13. Some skills are unactive until you reach the max level but if you want to go to pvp in duel the skill will be active anytime. So it will bot be a problem at all.
  14. The skill is not broken! This skill give you more life like the BM with their swell life. Best regards.
  15. Before adding point and after adding point skill free there is a diference *See a picture Before add point: 40 - 50k damage After add point: 13 - 22k damage This is really confusing??
  16. RF Master skill tree has some BIG BUG ! These 4 passive will increase 32k Stat per cell ! AND ..... This skill will DOUBLE STAMIA buff ! 32k ENE => 32k Stamia bonus. With Increase Heath Buff master => 64k Stamia bonus These BUG are super broken !
  17. and what are the skills that do not work
  18. You can just /addstr xxx and it would work. This happens because you reached the 65535 in the total points but they are still there. Its not a critical bug, just a visual one.
  19. Son MUUN, los adquieres en la shop " X"
  20. Claro que caen skills en al cc7 y el devil square, mi personaje es Qztalcoatl, ahí he encontrado la mayoria de skills de otros pj.
  21. CC 7 and Devil Square 7 do not drop any skill ! We have found one at Aida 2 Bloody spot Extremely rare !
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