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  1. 2 points
    el grand reset se pondra en la version final, no tenia sentido ponerla en un beta test, por lo menos en lo que ami respecta voy por la idea de un skill three de solamente 500 puntos a repartir
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  3. 1 point
    do it in party you'll level up way faster than solo, you won't feel that billions of exp needed to level up 😄
  4. 1 point
    can unstuck mi account???
  5. 1 point
    Que tal Shazam, quería ver si me puedes resetear el arbol de la tercera quest, me he dado cuenta en duelos que mi dl Qtzalcoatl no pega lo que debería, me gustaria cambiar la forma en la que acomode los puntos, el de la cuarta quest yo lo puedo resetear ya que cae para hacerlo. Gracias de antemano. Mi cuenta es xabdeelx y el personaje Qtzalcoatl.
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    Acabo de llegar a los 300 reset y al querer seguir avanzando me marca en la página y dentro del juego que he llegado al miximo número de resets, no se si es a posta o un error. Pendiente de respuesta Shazam.
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  9. 1 point
    well it seems i'll earn 600 points for my 4th class skill enhancement and no points for my master skill tree ahaha i'm currently level 807 yet i'm not earning points for my master skill ahahaha please fixed it...
  10. 1 point
    Before you post something on the chatbox you must read this guideless on how to properly send a message using the chatbox. The following rules will apply to all members/players that have used the chatbox. only the DevilGamez staff will allow to spam in the chatbox. =========================================== PENALTY 1st Offense: You will be warned by the DevilGamez staff for not following the rules posted above in the chatbox. 2nd Offense: You will be blocked by the DevilGamez staff for using the chatbox for 1-week 3rd Offense: You will be blocked by the DevilGamez staff for using the chatbox for 1 month 4th and Final Offense: You will be blocked by accessing the forum discussion threads and the chatbox forever. =========================================== The 7 No's in the Chatbox 1. No Trolling - This is a serious chatbox and its related to the game only if you want to pm someone just sends a private message by visiting his profile page. 2. No Spamming - This is common for all no posting repeated text. (Only allowed to spam is the DevilGamez Staff since it is important/Urgent News0) 3. No Offtopic - This chatbox is for DevilGamez related only and no other discussions. 4. No Inappropriate Language - Obscene, profane or bad words are prohibited. Refrain from using text speak to prevent misunderstanding of the word. 5. No Offensive Material. 6. No Illegal Activity or Appropriate Link. 7. No Unnecessary Mentions. Members are responsible for reviewing the Chatbox Rules, Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Thanos
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    maybe add other types of buying credits, for those people that have no paypal. like the payment wall or super rewards. not all people have paypal, like me.
  12. 1 point
    Hello I am trying, looks like paymentwall want to have a business company to run. I am thinking abot to do it but it will be taxes lol. I dont put wester union because the items here are cheap and will be expensive to send money. Please be patient I will find a way. Best regards, IamShazam,
  13. 1 point
    I recently noticed that if you reset through the website you'll win 2 wcoins, but if you reset in-game you won't. Is there a way to implement the wcoin gain via /reset too? Cheers!
  14. 1 point
    eso por hacerle caso a shazam, ahora veo tu cuenta
  15. 1 point
    I'm cannot login into the website or server. I says my password is incorrect, but I assure you it's not (it's the same login and password I used throughout the entire beta). When I go to the site to try and recover it I get the following error: ->
  16. 1 point
    Hello there! Paymentwall will be added in the coming new website. 🙂 Best rewards, IamShazam.
  17. 1 point
    Hello this system will be updated, posibly yes but of course there will no be any spot for globin points Best regards, IamShazam
  18. 1 point
    Hello everyone! Since many of you didn't know exactly the rates of the chaos and my gms are so lazy to make the thread. Here I go will the updates for the general servers this includes server Slow - Medium and Fast! [Chaos Machine] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success rate for Chaos Machine Normal Item combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normal Item +10 rate = 70% Normal Item +11 rate = 60% Normal Item +12 rate = 50% Normal Item +13 rate = 40% Normal Item +14 rate = 35% Normal Item +15 rate = 30% --------------------------------------------------- -- Success rate for items with luck -- --------------------------------------------------- Normal Item ADD rate = 20% ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success rate for Chaos Machine Enhanced Item combination -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mix10Rate_Enhanced = 90 Mix11Rate_Enhanced = 80 Mix12Rate_Enhanced = 70 Mix13Rate_Enhanced = 60 Mix14Rate_Enhanced = 55 Mix15Rate_Enhanced = 50 --------------------------------------------------- -- Success rate for items with luck -- --------------------------------------------------- Normal Item ADD rate = 20% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Combination success rate for Chaos Machine Socket Item combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Socket Item +10 rate = 70% Socket Item +11 rate = 60% Socket Item +12 rate = 50% Socket Item +13 rate = 40% Socket Item +14 rate = 35% Socket Item +15 rate = 30% --------------------------------------------------- -- Success rate for items with luck -- --------------------------------------------------- Normal Item ADD rate = 20% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Combination success rate for Chaos Machine Pentagram Item combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pentagram Item +10 rate = 70% Pentagram Item +11 rate = 60% Pentagram Item +12 rate = 50% Pentagram Item +13 rate = 40% Pentagram Item +14 rate = 35% Pentagram Item +15 rate = 30% --------------------------------------------------- -- Success rate for items with luck -- --------------------------------------------------- Normal Item ADD rate = 20% [Event Mixes] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success rate for Devil Square ticket combination -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devils Invitation Level 1 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 2 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 3 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 4 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 5 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 6 = 100% Devils Invitation Level 7 = 100% [Wings] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success rate for Feather of Condor combination -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feather Of Condor Rate = 80% --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of 2nd Wings combination -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wing2MixMaxRate = 90% ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of 2.5 (Monster) Wings combination -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wing 2.5 Rate = 80% -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of 3rd Wings combination -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wing 3rd Rate = 70% -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of 4th Wings combination -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wing 4th Rate = 60% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of Cape of Lord combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cape Of Lord Rate = 90% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination amount of Conqueror Wings options combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conqueror Wing Excellent Option = 0 to 3 opt. [SocketWeapon] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Combination success of Socket Weapons combination -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Socket Weapon Rate = 80% [Fenrir] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of Fragment Of Horn combination -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fragment Of Horn Rate = 80% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of Broke Horn combination -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Broken Horn Rate = 80% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Combination success of Horn Of Fenrir combination -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Horn Of Fenrir Rate = 80% /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -------------------------------------------------------------- -- Jewel Of Soul success rate with no luck -- -------------------------------------------------------------- Rate = 60% --------------------------------------------------------- -- Jewel Of Soul success rate with luck -- --------------------------------------------------------- Rate = 80% ------------------------------------------ -- Jewel Of Life success rate -- ------------------------------------------ Rate = 80% ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  19. 1 point
    We don’t need two sever just making few non pvp map such as tarkan kantru karutan ...etc that much easier.
  20. 1 point
    Yo espero que agreguen Grand Reset y que dejen fullear el arbol de la tercera quest, en mi caso pregunte si se podia fullear y me dijeron que si, luego me di cuenta que no se podia y tuve que hacer la cuarta quest y no pude ponerme el wind soul.
  21. 1 point
    please put only 1 PVP & Non-PVP server or just 1 PVP server PVP Server = all configurations and features are implemented like killing bosses drops exe items, gets coins, etc.. Non-PVP Server = for levelling purposes only having many channel makes the server boring or ghost server since ingame are so quiet...
  22. 1 point
    El mercader moss en la sección Mastery Accessories Box no da los items que aparece en el contenido, solo cambia los jewel of bless por jewel of chaos siempre.
  23. 1 point
    Genial, vamos por el set awaneking
  24. 1 point
    Hello! since many of you ask about regarding the server we posted some quick response to your question. What do we gain after official launch? 1. server will reset so far everything includes items. Only those who were constantly reporting problems will be recompensed and those who are in the list of ranking. For more info make a thread asking it so shazam can give a quick answer. How many servers will release? 2. there will be only 2 servers open which are slow & fast servers but if there is some petition to have medium server open. then we will need 20 petitions to the player so that we will make the server officially open. For more questions that have not posted here, you can post it on this link. Thank you for your understanding. -DevilGamez Team
  25. 1 point

    Version 1.00.00


    Hello everyone! I have wonderful news for you guys!! In this time I will be leaving you the full client at date for this server MuOnline where you can get access to our servers slow (50x), medium (500x) and last but not least our server fast (1500x). This clients have the CashShop system for globins and WCoins. If you want to get more info about our wcoins and globin points in the server. Please click below. How to get WCoins and Globin Points [Explained] What were fixed in this client? Nothing, haha this is the official version of this client. So if there are bugs they will be fixed as long as you guys keep us updated. Following pictures of the Launcher and Inside server: