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  1. Esto pasa raras veces, si pasa conectate seguuidamente asi te diga que la cuenta esta activa hasta que finalmente puedas entrar.
  2. IamShazam

    GP Package

    The GP are easy to farm so there will be no refund 🙂
  3. IamShazam

    GP Package

    There are also events in Promos where I update only one time in a month and appears for one week where you can buy items extremely cheap like the ancients right now. Next time will be sets 380 hp red ref rang 🙂 and so on all will be upgrading until the day you can get Blue Eyes, it's all about to have patience 🙂
  5. Just to let you know that the items ancient from the CashShop for WCoins were updated and now are they working properly!
  6. Sorry for the delay, i will take a look about this.
  7. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ENGLISH ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hello guys! Since there have been few players claiming about the Doppelganger Event. This event was developed to get better rewards finishing it. Your reward will be sended in the (K) Gremory Case. There are basic items since the event is not to difficult to reach. If you want to have fast exel items then you have to go there (If you play the server slow) Few pictures. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ESPAÑOL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hola Jugadores de Devil Gamez! Debido a que varios usuarios estuvieron al pendiente del evento DoppelGanger, se hizo una mejora y ahora este evento recompenzara con solamente items exelente random dependiendo el nivel de DoppelGanger que ingreses. El premio lo reciviras via (K) El Gremory del servidor. Los items son básicos exelentes debido a que el evento no es dificil de acabar. Si eres del jugador fast, si juegas el servidor Slow entonces estos items te serán de mucha ayuda. Algunas imágenes.
  8. Hola, intentalo nuevamente, los servidores cambiaron de estación asique probablemente funciona correctamente ahora.
  9. Website Slow: [FIX] Reset system fully working resetting your stats and giving you 300 points per reset. [ADD] MasterSkillTree system in website where you can reset your not only master but majestic skills too if you are lvl 1100.
  10. I won so you know 😉
  11. As you all had this problem where you can not get inside the events because of its limit of level. Now you will be available to go inside the events if you are at level 1100. Keep updated guys!
  12. Hello devils! Now its time to give you the module of MasterSkillTree, it was not possible to have this active before because of the problems you could have being bugged. Now there are few things you "need" to know before you do a MasterSkillTree Reset. You have to be at level 700 mLevels You have to be lvl 400 cLevels. You have to collect 2kkk of zen. Yes, now is possible to reset your skillstree in case you did something wrong to it.
  13. Hello everyone!! Since you guys have been playing this game from the starting, I made a super deal for all the players who are ingame constantly. Now you can use a part of your wcoins to shop exclusive Ancient Items +15!!! What are you waiting for? Keep updated!
  14. Is your account still logged? There was something that happened with your account surely. Its disconnected already, now you can play! 🙂 Best regards, IamShazam!