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  1. Hello devils! Now its time to give you the module of MasterSkillTree, it was not possible to have this active before because of the problems you could have being bugged. Now there are few things you "need" to know before you do a MasterSkillTree Reset. You have to be at level 700 mLevels You have to be lvl 400 cLevels. You have to collect 2kkk of zen. Yes, now is possible to reset your skillstree in case you did something wrong to it.
  2. Hello everyone! It's 3 hours left to the opening!! This 30th is the grand opening. Please write down what are your toughts regarding this server and how it was the beta version? What do you think it shoud be added and what not. Feel free to share your toughts down here. Hola a todos! Dentro de tres horas se cerrara el servidor para el opening que es este 30 de abril! Por favor comparte aqui abajo que te parecio el servidor beta y que es lo que te gustaria que agregen y que no? Mientras mas activos esten mucho mejor! I will be updating this post as long as the days goes.
  3. Just to let you know that the items ancient from the CashShop for WCoins were updated and now are they working properly!
  4. Website Slow: [FIX] Reset system fully working resetting your stats and giving you 300 points per reset. [ADD] MasterSkillTree system in website where you can reset your not only master but majestic skills too if you are lvl 1100.
  5. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ENGLISH ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hello guys! Since there have been few players claiming about the Doppelganger Event. This event was developed to get better rewards finishing it. Your reward will be sended in the (K) Gremory Case. There are basic items since the event is not to difficult to reach. If you want to have fast exel items then you have to go there (If you play the server slow) Few pictures. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ESPAÑOL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hola Jugadores de Devil Gamez! Debido a que varios usuarios estuvieron al pendiente del evento DoppelGanger, se hizo una mejora y ahora este evento recompenzara con solamente items exelente random dependiendo el nivel de DoppelGanger que ingreses. El premio lo reciviras via (K) El Gremory del servidor. Los items son básicos exelentes debido a que el evento no es dificil de acabar. Si eres del jugador fast, si juegas el servidor Slow entonces estos items te serán de mucha ayuda. Algunas imágenes.
  6. Hello there players! Today I have updated everyones WCoins & Globins. Every single one of you has been rewardes with , 50 000 Globin Points. 5 000 WCoins. This reward is in exchange for the time you played the beta server. As a thank you for your reports of the server and thanks to you most of them were resolved and some of them will still be in the works. Note: Only one account per IP will recibe this. If you had multiple accounts you will only recive in one of them. The coins will not be changed to another account. There is any way you can change globins to wcoins.
  7. As you guys see the purpose of this BETA opening is to make everything done before the opening, to make a good start you have to have a well configured server. What's the goals? To have a complete drop system. To have all the events working at it's finest. To give the players the experience of the MuOnline in DevilGamez. Find solutions. What's the things you are going to lose after the opening? You will definitely lose all your reset and levels, this means that all the items you picked up from the maps will be staying with you. Now it's time to an explanation about the statistics of this server, the statistics are the following: Vote for rewards: 5 WCoins every 12 hours you vote for us. Reset Rewards: 2 WCoins for every reset you make. More features coming soon! Here's some information regarding the opening. How to get ruuds & Globin Points? By killing monsters. How to get jewels? By killing event & event monsters
  8. Costo del reset, 100 000 de zen dinámico. Esto quiere decir, que si haces el segundo reset, costara 200 000 de zen y así susesivamente. Cómo conseguír zen? Las cajas de chocolate sera la solución a tus problemas. el drop de estas cajas dependiendo el color serán dropeadas en el servidor y de acuerdo al mapa. [Pink Chocolate Box] = 100 000 zen Para más información de las cajas de chocolate hacer click en: Best Regards, @IamShazam
  9. Nota: Para visitar las siguientes URL's de South Korea o Japan, una proxy diferente tal ves sea necesaria.Season 14 Part 1-2 Season14 Part1-2 Rune Wizard 4th Division & Skill Enhancement Tree Season14 Part1-2 Rune Wizard 4th Wing & 3rd Mastery Item Season14 Part1-2 4th Mastery Weapon 5th Armor Season14 Part1-2 New hunting area Kubera mine Season14 Part1-2 Glor Lancer Archangel's Absolute Weapon Season 14 Part 1-1 Season14 Part1-1 New Characters - Runic Wizard Season14 Part1-1 Rune Wizard Buff Skill Season14 Part1-1 Game-Play Improved
  10. Hello everyone!! Since you guys have been playing this game from the starting, I made a super deal for all the players who are ingame constantly. Now you can use a part of your wcoins to shop exclusive Ancient Items +15!!! What are you waiting for? Keep updated!
  11. Using the new cashshop system
  12. OlympusMu by Devil Gamez, all right reserved 2013 - 2019 Version: Season XIV Episode 3 Experience: x50 / x500 / x1500. Drop: 20% / 35% / 50% Sub-Servers: 30 devided by its servers. Info (Spoiler)_: Bots: cuenta con 8 tipos de helper, más info [Click aquí] Chaos Card: Custom by Default. Events: Todos funcionando al 100%, más info [Click aquí] Reward Events: Premios custom para c/evento, más info [Click aquí] Maps: Más de 60 mapas, más info [Click aquí] Muun System: Completos según la season, más info [Click aquí] Shops: Custom según characters. Offtrade: Activo en Lorencia. Balanced Experience: Custom, más info [Click aquí] Balanced Characters: Todas las razas, BattleCore: Custom by Default. CashShop: Custom by IamShazam [WCoins & Globins] SkillTree 3rd: Según la season. SkillTree 4rd: Según la season. 4thQuestArea: Según la season. Characters: cuenta con 8 tipos de personajes, más info [Click aquí] Y mucho más. Downloads :
  13. Hello everyone! Because I want you to enjoy this game with your friends, I will give this incredible opportunity to gain WCoins in a rare way. The reward? 900 WC each. What do I have to do? Simple steps and those are the following.. Log in into your account in the website https://mu.devilgamez.com Go to Account Panel https://mu.devilgamez.com/account-panel Click in REFERRAL SYSTEM https://mu.devilgamez.com/account-panel/my-referral-list Share the link above Refferal Link which looks like this https://mu.devilgamez.com/registration/index/6/FAST [The number "6" vary depending your account] The person you would like to invite to play this game you have to give this link and by this register. Wait for your coins until you get them. Things to know about this: Forgot this event if you create multiples accounts by yourself.This way do not work. The system read each IP. The idea of this is for everyone help to increase this server. This system will be inspected weekendly so the players have to be active. The accounts do not have to have the same IP. In case you get alot of rewards, you are welcome. But if all of them are inactive and none of them are online (If there is en big amount of +10 refferals) the main account will be banned with no rolling back chance. You are welcome to enjoy this event!!
  14. As you all had this problem where you can not get inside the events because of its limit of level. Now you will be available to go inside the events if you are at level 1100. Keep updated guys!
  15. IamShazam

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  16. Hello there! If you want the client in your language, make a post in: https://www.devilgamez.com/index.php?/forum/7-suggestions/ So in a later version I can upload this language so you can use it without problems.
  17. Hello everyone! In the coming website you will be available to gain more WCoins, not only by doing resets you gain 2WCoins. This new website will be added a feature where you vote for us in separate forums to make us more famous 😛 In order to vote to us you will be rewarding with 3 Wcoins each link, there will be at least 3 links where you can get Wcoins every 12 Hours. Best regards, IamShazam!
  18. There are alot of skills there that help you alot, THEY ARE NOT BUGGED, you have to choose them wisely. Because its depending on the set and skilltree you are stronger. Keep in mind that you only have 400 points.
  19. I see what you mean its anyways a waste of master skill points. If you can add stats by yourself with the resets. It does not give you anything than points in stats. I tought youwas talking about the "health increase" skill of ragefighter. Because those are pretty good incresing in the skill tree.
  20. Everything is okay. Its only the way you distribute your skilltree. You have to read before you use your skills there are skill tree where you get 100k life. Being full pvp you are arou d 500k. I tested it before and it is working fine. Best regards.
  21. Hello, Well this is confusing yes. But you get the proper damge. Maybe I missed to add configurations to starter skills but in the end the damage will be balanced when you use your skill tree. And you will not experience that anymore. Tonight I will take a time go fix that missunderstanding. Best regards!
  22. Some skills are unactive until you reach the max level but if you want to go to pvp in duel the skill will be active anytime. So it will bot be a problem at all.