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  1. But the other character have only 112 Stat ! Excep RF. 32 000 All stat
  2. RF Master skill tree has some BIG BUG ! These 4 passive will increase 32k Stat per cell ! AND ..... This skill will DOUBLE STAMIA buff ! 32k ENE => 32k Stamia bonus. With Increase Heath Buff master => 64k Stamia bonus These BUG are super broken !
  3. CC 7 and Devil Square 7 do not drop any skill ! We have found one at Aida 2 Bloody spot Extremely rare !
  4. I have stayed at karutan 2 for hours. But I do not obtain any 220 skill, drop rate is too low ! One member of my guild have stayed there for 2 days but can not loot Chaotic scroll !
  5. HolyMage

    GP Package

    What a waste ! ! ! 😞 😞 😞
  6. HolyMage

    GP Package

    The package in GP shop cost 99k GP It said I will receive Blood Angel set +15 and Awesome Reward What Awesome reward will I receive ? Is it worth with 99k GP ? 😮😮
  7. Swamp of Darkness mobs are much much much stronger than Nixie Lake ! But the Exp got are the same ! And Majestic Exp is Crazy high. 350 billions Exp at level 850. It's just 26 billions at level 801 !