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  1. Hi! Please add more spots on map. There is no arena - its ok, but on server we need more spots on all locations. And second thing - when u want to move, click "M" - and there are locations where u need lvls higers than maximum (400) like on screen - please change it ? (Aida2 - 380 lvl req - why?)
  2. Reupload on mega or google drive. From this link not downloading whole client, only something about ~~ 800 MB and archive is broken.
  3. I restart pc, download again client and install it again... and it works ? I try new champ ; ) carbOn in game ; )
  4. I turn off Windows Defender (Win 10) Download again client from mega na google drive. And still i cant launch the game.... This same problem as earlier.... Last thing.... I paste screenshot with informations about my client - how many files , GB etc. Can u check u have that same ? Maybe i have not some files or something...
  5. Its last screen wchich i see before close. This white bar comes to end and its over. Client just turn off. I havent antyivirus. And i havent any error. Just all is closing.
  6. And screenshots. After this second screen game just turning off.
  7. For sure, that last one is my, this earliers i dont know where are from ?
  8. Its my error logs from client: ###### Log Begin ###### ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mu online 1.19n (Kor) executed. ( 2019/03/24 23:57 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <System information> OS : Unknown 6.2 Build 9200 () CPU : GenuineIntel - Pentium 3 2594Mhz RAM : 2048MB > Login Scene init success.
  9. I have download this client from yours www "[Season 14] Full Version - Beta"
  10. I wanna to try yours server but i have problem. Cant launch the game. I launch Launcher/main, game goes to load screen, after that i heard start song of MU on this load screen and everything just turns off, without any info. U heard earlier about that bug? U know how can i fix it?