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  1. I recently noticed that if you reset through the website you'll win 2 wcoins, but if you reset in-game you won't. Is there a way to implement the wcoin gain via /reset too? Cheers!
  2. I'm cannot login into the website or server. I says my password is incorrect, but I assure you it's not (it's the same login and password I used throughout the entire beta). When I go to the site to try and recover it I get the following error: ->
  3. Hey, are you playing on slow or fast? Because on fast the DL is pretty much a monster on terms of PvM damage (850k~1.5kk):
  4. Hey, sometimes it happens to me too, usually when switching servers/channels. However, I keep trying repeatedly for about 5 minutes and then it works. Make sure there's no client running on the background (check for instances of main.exe in your task manager) and try to add an exception for the game on your antivirus, if you think that's what's causing the issue for you.
  5. There's an annoying problem with the quest NPCs of the server. Most quests don't work, including the very useful ones such as the inventory expansion of the Zyro merchant. All quest NPCs seem to have all the same quests, meaning that the NPC-specific ones can't be accessed: Also, even some quests that I was able to complete, either don't give the prizes or aren't removed from the quest log (there's this annoying description "Finding a Client" for those):
  6. Maze of Dimensions (last floor) completed, but no Ruud and the prize box is only giving a single Jewel of Chaos ?
  7. Roomy Event, when your points are greater than or equal to 400 is giving excellent items (besides Ruud): →
  8. Ferea Boss is also giving unique pentagrams:
  9. Oh, I forgot, for people wanting to farm Mythril using the Mu Helper the correct spelling is actually Mithril (with an "i" instead of "y"). I can no longer edit the original post, so I'll leave it here.
  10. This is the first of a three parts guide I'll be making to explain the elemental system, where to obtain elemental items, elemental 4th wings and which NPCs are useful. A few seasons ago, Webzen released the elemental system, a complementary damage system that's separate from the normal attack and defense calculations. This can be useful for both PvP and to fight higher-tier bosses. There are five total elements, each with their own strengths and weaknesses (rows represent the attacking element and columns the defending one): Fire Water Wind Earth Dark None Fire 100% 80% 90% 90% 120% 120% Water 120% 100% 80% 80% 110% 120% Wind 110% 120% 100% 100% 90% 120% Earth 90% 110% 120% 120% 80% 120% Dark 80% 90% 110% 110% 100% 120% With this system, a few new items were introduced: Pentagrams - These items have their own slots in your inventory and they give your character elemental properties. It is the placeholder for errtels and can be upgrade from +0 to +15 like normal items (using Bless, Soul, and Chaos Machine), though they cannot have options (Life). When you create a character you'll receive a box with a basic pentagram and errtels to be equipped: → Now let's upgrade our pentagram with a Jewel of Bless (they can go up to +15): → Errtels - These items can be considered enhancements for pentagrams and are placed directly inside them. They cannot be directly upgrade and require a special NPC for that. In order to place an errtel on a pentagram Alt+Right Click on the pentagram to bring forward the "Element" window and place the errtel on the appropriate slot. You must use an errtel of the same element as the pentagram, same symbol as the slot, and you cannot be wearing the pentagram while applying errtels: → Mythril - These are the items used to create errtels and can be found on some Akeron bosses and specially on Deep Dungeon monsters. When you collect five mythril fragments of the same element they'll become a mythril: → NPCs Adniel (Lorencia, Elbeland and Event Square) is your main NPC and can be used to create, upgrade and modify errtels. Silvia (Elbeland, as well as a few others NPCs) sell Talismans of Elemental Change. Creating an Errtel In order to create an errtel, go to Adniel and select the first option. Then, select your Mythril (with Right Click) and click "Combine" (one Jewel of Bless will be spent): → Changing the element of an Errtel If your errtel doesn't match the element of your pentagram, you won't be able to use it, however, you can change its element! You'll need a Talisman of Elemental Change (that can be bought on the NPCs mentioned earlier in the guide - they cost 60,000,000 zeni). Now, using the last option offered by Adniel, select your errtel (with Right Click), choose the desired element (by clicking on its icon) and click "Combine": → On the next guide I'll be covering Errtel Levels and Ranks, so stay tuned!
  11. pedrin

    Jewels Rate

    Oh, I totally agree! For souls I think the rate should be 65% no luck and 90% with luck and for lifes something like 75%. This way it would still be hard to create a +24 item but way less frustrating, specially when making items for chaos combinations.
  12. pedrin

    Jewels Rate

    Luck only affects the rate of Jewels of Soul, not Life. Therefore all items, regardless of luck or not, should have 50% success for applying options via Life. If you're starting with a +0 option item, the total of chance of success for a desired option is as follows: +4: 50% +8: 25% +12: 12.5% +16: 6.25% This means that out of 100 attempts to turn an item from +0 to +16, only about 6 or 7 will succeed (and on the worst case, 396 Jewels of Life would be wasted). So, if you used 60 Lifes, it means there were anywhere between 15 and 60 attempts to reach +16, which falls under the parameters of "bad luck". Now, whether or not these rates should be higher is another discussion entirely, and one I would totally agree!
  13. The following are all the spots I found on Karutan 2. IamShazam will later add more monsters to the spots that are lacking. The list is displayed using the in-game coordinates. The ones in bold are the ones with more monsters: 137, 152 (~5 monsters) 205, 39 (~9 monsters) 204, 153 (~9 monsters) 137,135 (~6 monsters) 148, 115 (~10 monsters) 158, 77 (~6 monsters) 182, 65 (~6 monsters) 202, 60 (~5 monsters) 199, 35 (~10 monsters) 120, 52 (~6 monsters) 90, 61 (~6 monsters) 74, 43 (~6 monsters) 67, 132 (~9 monsters) Please note that these are the places where I took note of the respawn coordinates, and might be ever so slightly off from the actual spot points.
  14. There's a new built-in way to divide the jewels (and other stackable items) directly from your inventory: 1. Place the item in your inventory (it doesn't work on vaults / personal stores): 2. Click on the "Divide" button, beneath the "Repair" button: 3. With the cursor being shown as a green hammer, click on the item you wish to divide: 4. Choose the amount of items to be taken from the stack (in this case, I'm removing one Jewel of Bless from the stack of 11): 5. Click "OK" and done! Your item will be placed on the first empty space of your inventory:
  15. So, I used the control panel to clear my master skill tree (https://www.devilgamez.com/fast/usercp/clearskilltree), as per instructed by IamShazam and now I can't gain master levels. I'm stuck at level 400 The reason, I suspect, is that I had already done the 4th class quest and enabled the majestic skill tree. So now, the game won't allow me to gain Master EXP (only Majestic Master EXP). I believe there's a simple fix to this: to change my class back to Lord Emperor (or even Dark Lord, for that matter).