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  1. well as the title say it's for free or if you're grateful you can donate any amount for it ahaha. 1st come 1st serve ahaha, well i did have a great time playing here but it seems not worth playing and investing time and effort πŸ˜„ FAST SERVER CHARS 1. Dragon Knight = 450 reset (Max Resets for Now and ready to do GrandReset once implemented) 2. Dimension Summoner = 50 resets Equipped Set is Bloodangel Set +15+4opt (Xshop shit that worth 99,500GP), Bone Blade +15+4opt, Hyon Lightning Sword +15+3opt, Exce Ring +4opt, Pink Panda Trans. Ring & Pet Panda both from Xshop and 4th Wing from Xshop Inventory: Black Fenrir and some ring of honor (White Wizard Orcs) also there are several good muuns (forgot to SS) Vault Items: Hyon Dragon Set +15+3opt+yellow Opts (Xshop), Bragii Dark Phoenix Set +9+3opt, pendant 3opt, good rings, Rage Earing (L), those pentagrams are fire elements 4slots other items see for yourself πŸ˜„ Equipped Set is Elune Demonic Set +15+3opt (Xshop), Trans. Ring & Pet Panda (Xshop) Inventory: Some jewels, Black Fenrir Store: Awakening items for other class Wcoins: 22k GP: 5k (that's all left after i bought bloodangel shit package in Xshop) SLOW SERVER CHARS 1. Summoner = 0 reset
  2. PM me for username and password and vault code 😁
  3. RIN

    GP Package

    i know it's easy to farm GP but even that's the case we still invest time and effort farming those points yet we only get that kind of items, if you're a regular player like us, do you think you get fair items for your effort and hardwork?
  4. RIN

    GP Package

    lols and there's no info about that, so can i reimburse my 99500GP? because it really not worth it for that much GP..
  5. RIN

    GP Package

    now you decide wether it is worth it or not, but for me it is waste to buy this set (although i already bought it) since it is only excellent and awakening soul set drops in medusa...
  6. RIN

    GP Package

    you will only get the blood angel set and black fenrir this is the set....
  7. do it in party you'll level up way faster than solo, you won't feel that billions of exp needed to level up πŸ˜„
  8. hello @IamShazam i bought the Elune ancient set in Xshop a few minutes ago, but there's a problem in the set, instead of Elune Ring of Ice, what I got is Warrior Ring of Ice...please fix πŸ˜„ ID: o0xpaulx0o IGN: DSxRINx
  9. PM @IamShazam send him your username to fix it..
  10. Hello! We all know how hard or effort you needed just to earn Wcoins and Goblin Points, and we hope that we receive the best items we needed for our hardwork so what i'm trying to say is be reasonable on price in xshop especially the items you put in there, like for example this shit wings i bought, so for the words but this is really shit.... worth 35,000.00 goblin points and all you get is this? the hell with the option haha i know i'm a beta player so i got that much GP to buy this wing early, but to think if you're not a beta player you'll need a lot more of time spending in game, a lot of patience just to earn enough points then all you get is this kind of items, it's so disappointing, also i don't know which is most valuable WC or GP since in WC you can't buy anything useful enough for your char and the set in Promo is only for 3 chars...so please add more items with reasonable price base on its rarity and options...
  11. Hello, I just want to ask if this is normal...anyway i'm CBT player so my char is not deleted even my class evolution meaning i'm already at 4th class 'Dragon Knight', right now i want to level my master skill tree so it begins then i noticed that i'm not earning level points for my master skill tree (3rd Class) instead i'm earning points for my skill enhancement (4th class) so what will gonna happen? is this make me earn 600 points for my skill enhancement while my master skill level earn 0 points? or will it earn me 400 points for skill enhancement and 200 points for master skill?
  12. ok thanks, tell me if you're done fixing it...
  13. well it seems i'll earn 600 points for my 4th class skill enhancement and no points for my master skill tree ahaha i'm currently level 807 yet i'm not earning points for my master skill ahahaha please fixed it...
  14. can we start voting now? without worrying that our wcoins will be reset before OBT?
  15. please put only 1 PVP & Non-PVP server or just 1 PVP server PVP Server = all configurations and features are implemented like killing bosses drops exe items, gets coins, etc.. Non-PVP Server = for levelling purposes only having many channel makes the server boring or ghost server since ingame are so quiet...
  16. Hello i'm a newbie in this server and i'm kinda confused between the char settings in Slow Server and Fast Server the damage & defense of Grow Lancer is different... Slow Server = High Stats Fast Server = Low Stats Fast Server Image - +9 Set & Weapon Slow Server Image - +9 Set +0 Weapon from NPC
  17. ohh i see, i do understand that but with this, it will take several hours or even half a day to get my 1st reset haha maybe lowering the normal mobs stats should fix this kind of problem for a while since your point is for PVP purposes or boss hunting.....
  18. even BK damage is so low hahaha, in dev3 elite yeti i deal max dmg of 120 ?