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  1. scroll oblivion, I think you can get it after you finish 4rd quest
  2. Hi, I know you havent made DL ballance yet PVP and PVM, but until you do, can you Increase the DL pvm? right now with 39rr lvl 800+m I make with top skill 5-15k dmg (to normal monster, bosses less), while other chars dmg much more, @IamShazam
  3. Hi, You should reduce the Gaion event (Emprie Guardians - Gaion order) time for each round, right now I think its 20 or 25 minutes per round, wich is way too long, you should make it 3-7 min per round, wich also increase the challange of finishing each round on time, in addition you should lower the time before each round begans, now you need to wait 3 minutes between each round starts, added pic to showcase the time clock im talking about, waiting to hear what you think about it. @IamShazam
  4. There is a bug in the server events BC,DS,CC (didnt played in other events yet). after you finish the event, sometimes the char get stuck inside the event, you cant warp using M, and cant switch char or select server, you must close the client and reopen it and login in order to get out of the map, it happens sometimes, not always, check that please,
  5. Does resets are limitied to 30? when i try to reset to rr 31, it says "Sorry, you have reached maximum resets", why did you limit the resets?
  6. divarx

    Jewels Rate

    I agree about your proposal for life to be made 75%, but for Soul, I think 90% its a bit high, maybe something like 60% no Luck and 80% with Luck, after all thats an "slow" server.
  7. divarx

    Jewels Rate

    If the percentage success rate is 50% as you say on Life, so what happend to me is normal, anyway the point is that the rate should be higher even though it is a "slow" server, those rates are too low, the staff should consider it.
  8. Hi, thanks for the answer, but, I know how to use Eggs, the problem is, that in order to use them, you need 4x4 space in mini inv and main inv, my problem is that my mini inv is full of Eggs and I cant trade them to make 4x4 room and cant use them without 4x4 free space, hope I made it clearer now.
  9. nvm, I got the Chaotic Diseier, ty anyway,
  10. Yes i am, can you Clear some of the eggs from my inv? my char is Warlock, and in different subject, can you tell me where Chaotic Diseier drop in this season?
  11. I collected some Muun Eggs, and my small inv is full and you need 4X4 space to in both inv to drop it (the main inv got 4x4 space), the problem is you cant trade Eggs, fix that mate, added pic
  12. divarx

    Jewels Rate

    60 lifes and still cant make single item with Luck +16 =SSSSS that cant be bad luck...
  13. The problem is that you cant notice what is a spot and what is a free monster, maybe you should add mini map spots to make it clear mate.
  14. Hi, Ive just tried to make an item +9+16, soul rate + Luck is seem to be lower than 75%, but not sure, it faild around 12 souls until made it +9, and about Jewel of Life, if for sure lower than what the site says, item + Luck, i put around 40 lifes and cant make item +16, so I just stoped and came here to post about it, please check that mate.
  15. There is alot of problem with the spots on all the maps. 1st all the spots the monster a scattered, they are going away from the spots, that makes it impossible to notice where the spots are,, you should limit the range of monster on spots, and add mini map spot Icons, right now cant find spots, and if you find one, you need to go all around for few minutes to kill all the monsters that are far from the spot so they will respawn in the spot. thanks.