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  1. anything that uses mobile load is ok for me
  2. when will the paymentwall be added ... so i can buy the vip... T_T
  3. is this not implemented yet ???
  4. when is it gonna balance ... T_T
  5. here are the screens shots. i included 4,500 and 7,300 ene and str stat and I'm using dark reign sword
  6. gigantic storm = ~7k damage with 4,500 ene stat twisting slash = ~24k damage with 4,500 str stat is this intentional? its too unbalance.
  7. benn

    stats gone

    its unfair, because others have many resets now
  8. benn

    stats gone

    your saying that by resetting a character it deletes stats ????
  9. benn

    stats gone

    my stats just vanished. after the reset, my characters stat just turn "-"
  10. maybe add other types of buying credits, for those people that have no paypal. like the payment wall or super rewards. not all people have paypal, like me.