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well as the title say it's for free or if you're grateful you can donate any amount for it ahaha. 1st come 1st serve ahaha, well i did have a great time playing here but it seems not worth playing and investing time and effort 😄


1. Dragon Knight = 450 reset (Max Resets for Now and ready to do GrandReset once implemented)

2. Dimension Summoner = 50 resets


Equipped Set is Bloodangel Set +15+4opt (Xshop shit that worth 99,500GP), Bone Blade +15+4opt, Hyon Lightning Sword +15+3opt, Exce Ring +4opt, Pink Panda Trans. Ring & Pet Panda both from Xshop and 4th Wing from Xshop

Inventory: Black Fenrir and some ring of honor (White Wizard Orcs) also there are several good muuns (forgot to SS)



Vault Items: Hyon Dragon Set +15+3opt+yellow Opts (Xshop), Bragii Dark Phoenix Set +9+3opt, pendant 3opt, good rings, Rage Earing (L), those pentagrams are fire elements 4slots other items see for yourself 😄



Equipped Set is Elune Demonic Set +15+3opt (Xshop), Trans. Ring & Pet Panda (Xshop)

Inventory: Some jewels, Black Fenrir

Store: Awakening items for other class



Wcoins: 22k

GP: 5k (that's all left after i bought bloodangel shit package in Xshop)



1. Summoner = 0 reset



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PM me for username and password and vault code 😁

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