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New spots and move req. lvl

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Please add more spots on map. There is no arena - its ok, but on server we need more spots on all locations.

And second thing - when u want to move, click "M" - and there are locations where u need lvls higers than maximum (400) like on screen - please change it ? (Aida2 - 380 lvl req - why?)


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@Cosmic Puedes emviarme las coordenadas de los spots que querias poner?. ya que hacen falta. esta pididendolo.


Well that's not a problem. Actually you can lvl up to 1100 lvls mixing them with Master Level and Magestic Level.

Aida2 is because there are mosnters for master level :P.

How to get more lvls? To be able to do it, you have to do all your quest (class) so you can be able to lvl.


Which maps do you think that they are missing spots?


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LOST TOWER 7 CORD 54 91 > +15 MOBS Death Knight
Kanturu Ruins 2 CORD 206 39 > +15 MOBS Satyros
Kanturu Ruins CORD 41 231 > +20 MOBS Splinter Wolf
Devias 2 CORD 35 23 > +35 MOBS Ice Monster + 10 Elite Yeti
Devias 3 CORD 238 216 > +10 MOBS Elite Yeti ///// CORD 217 214 > +10 MOBS Elite Yeti



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