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Cannot gain master levels after clearing skill tree


for lvlup master level go to high maps.. example aida2 killing red mobs blody golem, blody death riders, etc... or anotehr maps like kanturu ruins, kanturu island karutan1, 2, raklion, nixies.. etc etc...

Message added by gatoman

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I used the control panel to clear my master skill tree (https://www.devilgamez.com/fast/usercp/clearskilltree), as per instructed by IamShazam and now I can't gain master levels. I'm stuck at level 400

The reason, I suspect, is that I had already done the 4th class quest and enabled the majestic skill tree. So now, the game won't allow me to gain Master EXP (only Majestic Master EXP).


I believe there's a simple fix to this: to change my class back to Lord Emperor (or even Dark Lord, for that matter).

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