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[CHATBOX] Rules and Regulation

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Before you post something on the chatbox you must read this guideless on how to properly send a message using the chatbox. The following rules will apply to all members/players that have used the chatbox. only the DevilGamez staff will allow to spam in the chatbox.




1st Offense:
You will be warned by the DevilGamez staff for not following the rules posted above in the chatbox.

2nd Offense:
You will be blocked by the DevilGamez staff for using the chatbox for 1-week

3rd Offense:
You will be blocked by the DevilGamez staff for using the chatbox for 1 month

4th and  Final Offense:
You will be blocked by accessing the forum discussion threads and the chatbox forever.


The 7  No's in the Chatbox


1. No Trolling - This is a serious chatbox and its related to the game only if you want to pm someone just sends a private message by visiting his profile page.

2. No Spamming - This is common for all no posting repeated text. (Only allowed to spam is the DevilGamez Staff since it is important/Urgent News0)

3. No Offtopic - This chatbox is for DevilGamez related only and no other discussions.

4. No Inappropriate Language - Obscene, profane or bad words are prohibited. Refrain from using text speak to prevent misunderstanding of the word.

5. No Offensive Material. 

6. No Illegal Activity or Appropriate Link.

7. No Unnecessary Mentions.


Members are responsible for reviewing the Chatbox Rules, Thank you for your cooperation.


Best Regards,




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