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Xshop (Wcoins & Goblin Points)

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Hello! We all know how hard or effort you needed just to earn Wcoins and Goblin Points, and we hope that we receive the best items we needed for our hardwork so what i'm trying to say is be reasonable on price in xshop especially the items you put in there, like for example this shit wings i bought, so for the words but this is really shit....


worth 35,000.00 goblin points and all you get is this? the hell with the option haha i know i'm a beta player so i got that much GP to buy this wing early, but to think if you're not a beta player you'll need a lot more of time spending in game, a lot of patience just to earn enough points then all you get is this kind of items, it's so disappointing, also i don't know which is most valuable WC or GP since in WC you can't buy anything useful enough for your char and the set in Promo is only for 3 chars...so please add more items with reasonable price base on its rarity and options...

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I have news for you, I will be increasing the points you get vy killing mobs for GP. so if you used to get 5 you will get at least 50 - 150

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